How to get a modeling agent

Are you looking to get signed to a modeling or talent agency? Here are a couple simple ways to get started:

Get good photos! 

No need for professional photos at first, but grab a friend and have them take a couple of photos of you. Preferably a head shot, which starts from the head to the chest, and then a full body photo. Make sure you always have recent pictures of how you would look in person.

Contact Agents!

Depending on your look, reach out to agencies that represent your look. Always research agents before you contact them.

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What are the different types of casting calls?

What are the different types of casting calls?

Casting calls are invitations to audition for acting jobs.

Open casting calls are advertised via talent agencies, print media or television and allow any actor to try out for a part.

Closed casting calls are by special invitation only, and a select group of actors or talent agencies are contacted regarding the audition.
New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

The House of KENZO – Paris Fashion

The House of KENZO was founded in Paris in 1970 by Takada Kenzo. Kenzo, a native of Himeji, Japan, attended Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College as one of its first male students before making the move from Tokyo to Paris, where he opened his first boutique, “Jungle Jap.” He surprised the fashion world with his originality and the apparent celebration of diverse cultures, nature and colors in his designs.

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Latitude Talent Studios – Scouting for Models & Actors

Latitude Talent Studios works with models and actors by submitting them to casting opportunities and agencies nationwide.

With a network of over 125 modeling and talent agencies, they provide top service for models and actors of all experience levels.

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CLICK Models New York

From CLICK models New York’s official website:

Click Model Management, Inc. was founded in 1980 in New York City by Frances Grill, Joey Grill and Allan Mindel. The name “CLICK” is in homage to the sound a camera makes and to the photographers and crew who make magic happen.

Many of the world’s most famous faces such as Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston, Elle MacPherson and Grace Jones have been represented by Click. Click maintains a tight affiliation with Flick East West Talents, one of the most successful television commercial agencies in the country representing hundreds of actors and actresses as well as many of our models for television commercial work.

Additionally, Click works with Framework Entertainment, one of the premier bi-coastal theatrical management and production companies whose clients are world-renowned for their careers in film, television, stage and music.

Click Models remains committed to its successful strategy of growth through new ideas, new acquisitions and continually superior service provided to our talent and clients throughout the world.