Do you have to pay for a photo shoot?

Most models and actors have this question: ” Do I have to pay for a photo shoot”

For new models and actors quality photos are important as they are the only way for an agent or talent manager to see if you have what it takes for them to meet you in person. Many people think that if a talent agency or scout wants to sign you that that they pay for everything. This is simply not true any longer.

Many talent agencies used to pay for all modeling marketing in the 1980’s, with the reduced pay that many models make today (as celebrities now often grace the cover of magazines and are brand ambassadors ) it is not financially viable to agencies to front the cost for new talent.

If you apply for a job do you expect the person that hires you to pay for the outfit you wore to work or the cost to print your resume? No. Talent have to invest in themselves to get signed. If you don’t invest in your own marketing why would a talent agency or modeling scout want to invest in you?


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