Hollister Model Casting Call

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Become a Hollister Model

Are you looking to become a Hollister Model? Are you searching for casting calls by Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister Brand?

To become a Hollister model, a male or female talent doesn’t have to go far! Hollister casts store staff, also known as ‘Store Model’s at their group open calls, typically on Wednesdays.

If you are looking to become a Hollister model, or looking for Abercrombie official casting calls, you need an agency to get you booked!

Latitude Talent Studios can help connect you to agencies that book work for Hollister Models and find Abercrombie Modeling Casting Calls. Visit Latitude NYC online today!


Is Latitude Talent Studios Legit?

Is Latitude Talent Legit? YES, they do really help models and actors!

Latitude Talent Reviews

Have you applied to Latitude Talent Studios?  Is Latitude Talent Studios legit?

That is a question some talent have when applied to talent services such as Latitude Talent Studios, a New York City based talent marketing service working for models and actors.

So is Latitude Talent Studios Legit? The answer is yes, Latitude is a real service and actually does market talent to their pool of over 200 + talent, casting and modeling agencies nationwide.

Latitude is not a talent agency and does not collect a commission for any booked work or discoveries. Talent has been accepted by Latitude Talent NYC do have to register to use their service.

Thinking about becoming a model or actor and do not know where to start? Latitude Talent Studios is the best way to get seen by the right people. Apply now at LatitudeTalent.com

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